April 29, 2008

"You're not fat! You're Pregnant!"

Turns out you can indeed be both.

My appointment this morning kinda blew. It started with a big cup o' liquid sugar. They check the glucose in your blood (for signs of gestational diabetes) by making you drink a fairly large paper cup of fruit punch with an extra pound or two of sugar mixed in - then drawing your blood an hour later.

Checked my weight - 10 pounds higher than last month. The medical assistant and the Nurse Practitioner both kind of chalked it up to a combination of water weight and the fact that none of the scales in the office weight the same... but still.

And my blood pressure was high. I'm not a doctor, but I feel like maybe the HUGE amount of sugar I ingested a half hour before they checked my blood pressure may have had something to do with it. Or not. Again, they didn't seem too concerned.

And I had to pee in a cup. That wasn't too traumatic, but I really hate having to aim.

AND they sprang (sprung?) a cervical check on me! I didn't know I was going to be pantsless for this visit, but that's how it worked out. Poor Android. His second pelvic exam. He handled it well - scootched his chair out of the line of vision. In case you were wondering, my cervix is long, thick and tight. All good things.

So, even though Mom is falling apart royally, Bob is doing just peachy. His heartbeat is strong and sounds great and he moves a whole damn lot. So, yay.

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