June 17, 2008

Thirty Four weeks, three days.

Life continues to be good. Bob is a squirmy little guy, and as uncomfortable as his gymnastics can be, I like to know he's seemingly healthy and active.

I have a little less than six weeks til my due date, and I am READY. For the last few weeks I've been dealing with what I believe is a pinched nerve problem. Suddenly and completely without warning, my entire right side will go all hot and tingly and numb-ish, and it feels like I'm breathing in hot air,but only on the right side of my mouth - the whole things lasts about two minutes, then goes away as quickly as it came on. Really unpleasant.

I believe the kid is sitting on something he shouldn't, and my suspicions are unfortunately being confirmed almost daily (and several times daily) as he gets bigger. So, the logical conclusion is that this will happen way more often over the next six weeks. Awesome.

I'm going to talk to my doc again (the first time I mentioned it, she kind of looked at me like I was crazy) and see what can be done about this, if anything.

Anyway, I'm ready for Bob's arrival.

Maybe I'll take a belly pic today. We'll see.

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