January 23, 2008

Updates tomorrow?

Not much happening on the baby front. I'm getting more of a belly - I think it's mainly bloating and the six pounds I've packed on in my midsection... but it's a belly nonetheless. Unfortunately, I just look fatter rather than charmingly maternal. And there is no "glow" to speak of. My theory is that the "glow" that pregnant women are said to have is really just sweat. It's too damn cold out right now for any sweat to happen whatsoever, therefore, no "glow".

I just generally feel like shit, though...

Android and I meet the doctor tomorrow. It is unlikely that she will actually be delivering my child, but I don't really care. All I want this July is a doctor who knows what they are doing. If my kid and I come out of this happy and healthy, it's all good.

We're really just playing the waiting game now. I'm counting the weeks (5 and a half) before the ultrasound so I can stop calling the kid "it". I'm ready for the nursery to be done NOW - but we haven't lifted a finger to do anything about it yet.

I'll update tomorrow if I have any new and exciting baby stuff to share, otherwise, I won;t update again until at least Feb 1 - I'm going on a CRUISE! And I'm leaving the Android at home.

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