January 23, 2008


Since announcing my pregnancy, the #1 question from people has been "So, have you had any morning sickness?".

They want to know if I've been puking. I have not. I did once, but I had a bitch of a cold and the post-nasal drip caused my stomach to revolt. That's about it.

I just don't understand why people are so interested in my bodily functions. The next time someone asks I kind of want to say "You know, I didn't have much morning sickness, but let me tell you about the constipation. That REALLY blows."

On another note, there is a lot of pressure on this little fetus to create world peace (or family peace, as it were) and basically make everyone shiny and happy. It's hard for me to adjust to the fact that I will have to have people in my life for the baby's sake - even if I want to tell them to shove off. I have thus started calling the baby The Messiah. It's utterly sacrilegious, but I find it cute.

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