February 16, 2008

The name game

At some point, we have to name this thing. The Android and I have chosen not make such a big decision until after we get to know our kid - at least for a couple of hours.

We have names in mind, but what if (God forbid) our daughter doesn't look like a Gertrude? What if our son doesn't have the ears to pull off Milfred? You can understand the dilemma.

Another option is to go back to the system we used for naming our two cats. When we got Lucy we were living in a house with three other people - Zosia, Rockstar and Robot. We all sat in the living room and watched her play, and cuddled her and threw out possible names. She was almost "Charlotte" until "Lucy" won out - all five of us were going through a Sex and the City phase. A few months later we got Finn and we did the same thing. He was nearly Magellan. Finn was just cooler, though.

So, yeah. I may invite those three lovely people (who I'm still good friends with, in spite of living with them for two years in increasingly cramped quarters) into my hospital room where we will pass the baby around, cuddle her, watch him sleep, and come up with the most perfect name ever.

On a similar note - we have decided that if the kid is a boy he will have the Android's last name, and if it is a girl she will have mine.

I can't wait to tell the in-laws.

1 comment:

Zosia said...

Awwww, this made me cry. I can't wait. And perfect idea for the last names. This is why you'll have a girl.