May 17, 2008

30 Weeks!

Holy crap!

So. 10 weeks left.

I'm doing well. The weather has been amazing lately, so my mood is elevated. I don't have to be bundled up for warmth anymore, which makes me 100% more comfortable than I was through most of the spring. I already have an extra layer of padding, adding on to it with sweaters and hoodies and coats just made me feel lumpier.

My balance is suffering. Now, those of you who have seen me walk in real life know that I've never been terribly successful at it. Go ahead and add to that another 20 lbs, 15 of which seem to be right in front, resting on my pelvis.

I don't just walk into things, I slam into them. I am more tank-like than ever.

The men I work with as looking at me with growing concern. I get asked fairly often "So... when are you done working?". I figure I'll keep going until I can no longer fit behind the counter at the deli. This day is fast approaching, but it ain't here yet. Anyway, it's just the men who aren't fathers who seem to think I will drop to the floor at any moment and give birth in the Spanish wine section.

I'll post a 30 week belly pic today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow as all I will have to do all day is pee in a jug.

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