May 31, 2008

32 weeks.

How the time flies.

Had a doctor appointment yesterday and learned something very interesting. Apparently, if one has fat arms, one should not have the nurse use the regular blood pressure cuff because that causes one's blood pressure to skyrocket.

Had I known this a month ago I would have been able to avoid my 24 hour pee adventure. But whatever. Bygones.

So, yeah - BP is perfectly fine, weigh gain seems to be okay as well... 24 lbs in 7 months ain't too bad. Bob was showing off for the doc and kicked up a storm, and his heartbeat was strong.

We start Childbirth Education classes this coming Monday, and because I am a total nerd, I'm excited. Perhaps I will change my mind once we start getting videos to watch.

I have GOT to post a belly picture sometime today. It is beginning to take over the world.

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