July 5, 2008

At least SOMEONE got a little firecracker.

My friend MamaGrouch had her baby girl early on Friday morning! Hooray! That baby was fashionably late by about four days, but she's just gorgeous and all is right with the world.

I had a pretty major uptick in Braxton-Hicks contractions (Android just calls them Bricks - it makes me laugh every time.) last night. Let me tell you - they're not exactly as painless as we are led to believe. I had major back pain, major crampiness (like a million years ago when I last got my period), and my belly was super hard.

Throw in the atrocious heat and the sound of fireworks ALL NIGHT and it adds up to not a great night's rest.

However, it does mean the end may be in sight, so I'm going with it. I imagine my nurse practitioner will check my cervix when I go in on Wednesday... here's hoping there was some progress on that front.

On another note - does the fact that the word "cervix" still weirds me out make me twelve years old? Probably. Whatever.

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