July 13, 2008

Okay. Fun time is over.

I feel like complete and utter shit. I slept so bad last night, and woke up about a thousand times to pee. My body is shutting down, I think. My bones ache when I have to heave myself out of bed, and my feet protest the zillion-pound body they are being forced to transport.

Also, I have a perpetual stomach ache. Everything I eat causes it to be upset. Bob is fine, still kicking away like a champ - I'm not worried about him... I'm worried about ME. Somehow I gotta get him OUT, and how am I supposed to do that when I feel like ten different kinds of horseshit?

How the hell do women nest at the end of their pregnancy? I can barely bend over, much less scrub the damn floor. I did a whole mess of laundry yesterday (which could be the reason I'm so tired today...) and I feel like I got nothing done. Luckily, I just don't give a damn.

Three more days at the deli and I will be free. FREE!

I better have this baby soon - I may be losing my mind.

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