July 1, 2008

Bob is a team player.

He flipped! My little butthead is no longer a butthead!

He's in a lovely head-down position and looks like he wants to come out and play SOON (right, buddy? Play along, will ya?).

All in all a good appointment today - my blood pressure was great, his heartbeat is strong - and the doctor said he's cute (we got a little peek at him on a portable ultrasound thingy). I think he may have the Android's nose, and for that I am eternally grateful. My nose took 20 years to grow into.

I do have Group B Strep, but if they get the antibiotics into me as soon as I get to the hospital, everything should be just fine. And if I already have an IV, then putting narcotics into it should be no problem at all! Woo!

Sometime THIS MONTH (unless Bob is NOT a team player) I will give birth to a baby. And the fools at the hospital will actually let me take him home and like, raise him.

I'm not sure if I can take the pressure... but I'm sure as hell ready to try!

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Ren said...


I am soooo incredibly excited for you and your gowing family!