July 24, 2008

Progress! Finally!

Had an utterly lovely doctor's appointment today! I'm dilated to 1cm, I'm good and effaced (thinned out), and the kid's head is engaged. All good things. Then again, my standards have been lowered considerably over the last couple of weeks - 1cm is sorta paltry considering I've got 90% of the way left to go, but whatever.

My bp was a teeny bit high, and my feet were swollen (I know, REALLY? In JULY? At nearly 40 weeks pregnant? INCONCEIVABLE!) - so doc made me pee in a cup. There were trace amounts of protein so she wants me on the alert for headaches, vision changes, and more extremity swelling. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and see what happens.


waterskibarb said...

We are rooting for you from here, can't wait. Best of luck in the coming day(s)!!!

hrgrlcorina said...

You're almost there, but if you want I can have my grandma throw together some extra spicy salsa to see if that gets Bob really moving!
Anyway Jason and I are cheering for you-

Lots of Love!

Kelly said...

YAY for effacement and dilation! You're almost there! Take it easy and feel good!!

c'mon, Bob!!