March 23, 2008

Twenty Two Weeks.

Um... I guess two weeks makes a difference, huh? Not only are my boobs taking over the world, but my ass is becoming something out of Sir Mixalot's dreams (I act like it wasn't already...) - and my belly is thisclose to being able to balance a cereal bowl on top of it.

Mmmmm... cereal.

I bitch, but I'm still amazed that there's something IN THERE. I've become obsessed with feeling him move, and I think the kid picks up on that because he just won't.... then I get good and panicked and he'll kick me in the gut. Shithead.

There's really nothing new going on. The first trimester is for worrying and being nauseated, the third trimester is for being huge and uncomfortable and ready to get this thing OUT (even though we know what that entails...) I think the second trimester is just a lot of sitting and waiting. It's a good thing I have projects.

Speaking of - I was super productive yesterday. I pieced together a quilt top for my new nephew (Due May 27! Yay!). It's a pretty bitchin' quilt, I must say. I think today will be spent ataching the batting and backing and quilting that mutha. If I feel extra ambitious I might bind it. If there's an America's Next Top Model marathon all this might just happen.

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