March 10, 2008

You know you're pregnant when... throw a granola bar, an apple and half a sleeve of Thin Mints in your purse because you might get hungry during the hour and a half drive to Rochester.

To my credit, the granola bar is still in my purse. The Thin Mints didn't have a chance.

Another fun development: I can no longer sleep on my belly. I am not supposed to sleep on my back. This leaves two options: my left side and my right side. Apparently I'm too stupid to figure out how to sleep without sleeping on my arms, so I woke up twice last night with numb hands. Awesome.

I went to a friend's baby shower this weekend, and I'll admit it got me jonesing for one of my own. My very brave friend (going on 33 weeks along and still cool as a cucumber) glowed in her cute boots and new haircut and made me wanna be like her.

I'm so NOT glowing in this picture. I look a bit lumpy, but my new glasses are still cute. Whew.


Chilaquil said...

you look radiant. simply radiant

Paige said...

you are both incredibly adorable!!

Ren said...

You are definitely glowing. AND you have cute glasses.